Presenting The Operation Of Proxy Servers In Internet

The internet is a place that can have a threat of identity theft and data security. Many people use the proxy server or virtual private network at the office or home. In the present time, every tech freak must be using the proxy server for some purpose. A person using a proxy server will get the internet address without any additional web traffic.

The proxy server is like an intermediary between the internet and the user. A proxy will provide different stages of security privacy and functionality, depending on the needs or policy. The function of Modern proxy is not limited to web request forwarding. It acts like a web filter or firewall that provides a stable network and data speed.

Operation of the Proxy Server

Every device having an internet connection requires a unique IP address. This address is just like the post office that delivers the parcel to your location. Similarly, the Internet Protocol Address is like the location or address of your device internet. The proxy server hides the IP address of the user. It conceals the physical location of other users on the internet.

Categories of the proxy server

Https proxy

It is referred to as the secure socket layer (SSL) proxy. Any website can use this type of proxies for securing the exchange of data among users and the site. Any data that travels between the computer and the https-proxy gets encrypted.

Web Proxy

They are a very reliable form of proxy. One does not need to download or install any system for using this proxy. The access is granted from the browser and goes compatible with the https server. Many online sites provide free web proxies but filled with lots of advertisements. This type of proxy gets compatible with normal online sites.

Http proxy

It is the standard web protocol that is used worldwide. It is the most basic proxy server to connect numerous website elements.

However, the Http proxy doesn’t get encrypted. It is faster in comparison to other servers as it has less computation load. The Http proxy gets useless in conditions where the internet is secured by encryption.

Difference between public and private proxy servers

Private proxy server

This server is used for generating profit. Moreover, many companies and institutions set the server for the personal use of the employees. The virtual private network (VPN) is the most famous kind of this proxy server. There is some involvement of fee for getting the exclusive services of the Private servers.

Public proxy server

This proxy server is available freely online without any cost. One can privately get a connection to the internet without any additional cost. However, this type of proxies has some drawbacks that are as follows-

  • Slow internet connection
  • Huge advertisement traffics
  • Criminal activities or hacking

Many people considered the VPN server as the most comprehensive and secured proxies. It is essential to get the basic knowledge about the usage of proxy servers. One can check for additional information on the best proxy servers.