Overview of the program PhotoScan-text recognition from images

Before the advent of cell phones with excellent cameras on our market, everyone used simple soap dishes. Most of the photos were printed on paper and stored in regular albums. The main problem with paper photos is that they can be badly damaged or simply lost, and the albums themselves are quite inconvenient to carry around all the time. The photo can be easily taken using the scanner, but it will take a long time.

Using the photo Scan program from Define Studio, you can easily get text for editing without mechanical input. Document recognition is supported on different images. Using a web camera, you can easily take photos and recognize printed text.

This application stands out for its versatility, and therefore is in great demand today, providing people with many new features. This program has an excellent ability to recognize the font that is stored in images, so that it can later be saved as a plain text file, copied to the clipboard, or simply played back using the voice engine provided in the system.

Software features

As a font source, you can take any photo or picture taken by the camera of your mobile device. The app can store the scan history and allows you to organize quick access to folders with photos that contain text and make it easier to scan them.


  • Allows you to select a photo on your device (“Browse Photo” button),
    take a photo of a printed font using a simple web camera (“Use Camera” button)
    or paste a photo from the clipboard (the “Paste Image” button).
  • The left panel provides instant access to the image collection. You can take into account the history of actions and cover design of 3 different colors.
  • Photo Scan is easily integrated into the Explorer for the convenience of opening images: right-click on the photo > “Open with” > Photo Scan.


Fast typewriting recognition will be done immediately after opening the image. Words that are clearly recognized incorrectly or with errors will be underlined with a red wavy line. The uploaded image will be displayed on the left, and the text for editing will be visible on the right.

Now you can easily work with text by using the right mouse button or standard keyboard shortcuts. For example, you can select the entire disassembled font, copy it, and then paste it into a text editor using keyboard shortcuts.

The program copes well even with poor quality sources. The optical recognition algorithm that makes up the programs also converts serious originals such as material from a matrix printer, bad photocopies, and even faxes into editable form. And to improve the recognition quality function, this program provides a dictionary check function. At the same time, a person can add new words that occur in texts, if there are no such words in the dictionary. And for the comfort of processing text in electronic form, we offer a built-in text editor.

The app can help you know exactly when to quickly recognize a huge amount of document to edit without wasting time on mechanical input.

It is not too large (up to 21 MB) and uses optical letter recognition (OCR). Designed for installation on PCs and mobile devices with Windows 10 64-bit.