Antivirus Free – free antivirus review

Today’s review is dedicated to AVG Antivirus Free-a convenient, reliable, and most importantly free antivirus.

Program features

After installing AVG Antivirus Free on your computer, the user gets to the working window of the application. It has five main panels: computer, web, personal data, email, and firewall. Each panel has its own indicator that shows the reliability of protection. Normally, the indicator should be green, and if it turns red, the user either needs to check or update the program.

Some users are concerned about the program’s privacy policy. This issue caused such a lively discussion that some publications even published articles on this subject. The main idea was that the developer company could transmit the browser’s activity and search history to third parties. But in fact, it turned out that this policy is absolutely normal for owners of free antivirus software, and does not pose a threat to users themselves.

Why should I install AVG Antivirus Free?

It is difficult to choose a free antivirus among a wide range of modern software. However, thanks to independent testing in laboratories, we can conclude that AVG Antivirus Free is one of the best products in this segment.

Here’s what the lab results showed:

  • Malware protection is at the highest level. Antivirus blocked 100% of the offered samples of virus programs;
  • Ease of use significantly facilitates the user’s life. During testing, the program has never issued a false threat signal, which means that the owner of such software will not need to worry about trifles;
  • Performance is at a fairly high level. Despite the fact that there are programs with a higher rate, AVG Antivirus Free is considered one of the most reliable precisely because of the high degree of protection.

It is worth noting that the program is inferior in performance mainly to paid antivirus programs, but if the user is playing a key role for free download, AVG Antivirus Free will be the best choice. Let’s look at the main functions and features of the program in more detail.

Quick scan

It is very easy to start scanning your computer for threats. To do this, just click on the “Scan” button in the main window.

You will be offered several verification options:

  • Main scan, which includes scanning all files and PC elements;
  • Scan individual folders and attachments;
  • Checking the device for rootkits.

Overall, scanning with AVG Antivirus Free was very convenient. First, it took less than half an hour, and secondly, during the verification process, the user can see which files can be considered completely safe, and which pose a certain threat.

Blocking malware surprises you with its speed, since it takes only a few minutes and does not require user participation.

Reliable phishing protection and privacy of personal data

Phishing sites disguise themselves as regular web resources and steal the user’s personal data. AVG Antivirus Free has shown a high degree of protection against such threats.

When you open a potentially dangerous site, the browser displays unusual pages, because the antivirus removes certain components of sites to protect against phishing.

The section on personal data privacy protection also has good functionality. Unlike other products, AVG Antivirus Free does not protect user data from theft and is not engaged in credit monitoring. The main purpose of the program is to notify the user about potentially dangerous sites. But from a practical point of view, this function is almost useless in most cases.

Among additional features it is possible to allocate the function of the cleaning device of temporary files and garbage. In General, AVG Antivirus Free can be considered a fairly functional antivirus with high performance, which is perfect for home use.