Active marketing for effective business

Active marketing is attacking the marketing. However, such marketing is very rare, because today’s world is characterized by great passivity and passive marketing. The vast majority of companies live in such a way that they don’t have to do anything new, they all seem to “go with the flow”. Almost always do not differ from the majority and businessmen, although they should differ.

Businessmen just have to be active if you want to stay with a business because of active use of marketing and market requirements. However, sadly, most businessmen live by the principle-opened a business, put it on its feet, and then lie on the couch and “cut the dough”. They believe that as soon as the business is open and begins to give income, it means that life has been successful, so you can relax and “cut the dough” on the existing business without strain for the rest of your life.

To think this way and apply this strategy is a big mistake. Some sooner or later realize this mistake, while almost always too late, others do not realize and instead of businessmen become “don Quixotes”, who then fight all their lives with “windmills” including high taxes, aggressive competitors, and other misfortunes.

Nature is designed so that you can not relax, especially if you are a businessman. The nature of business is designed so that you must constantly apply active marketing. A businessman who doesn’t want to fall behind should become a marketer. If you relax, you degrade. Given that everyone is degraded, the degradation may not be noticeable at first. Then, as is usually the case, it comes out of the blue, suddenly.

Active marketing for leaders

There is only one way to avoid degradation – by constantly moving forward and only forward, through active marketing, because the market requires active application of marketing. You can of course try to constantly save “acquired by backbreaking work”, but this is a very energy-consuming and resource-intensive strategy. The world is designed so that there should be a constant dynamic. In business, there is only one technology for providing dynamics – marketing.

At the same time, marketing is not simple, but attacking active marketing. Active marketing is a constant readiness to go forward, explore new frontiers, and expand. This is the only way to ensure the future of your business.The attacker is always the initiator of changes. Through marketing, you can change markets, consumers, suppliers, macro-environment, micro-environment.

Attacking marketing is active marketing, such marketing that does not expect weather from the sea, but creates the right climate with the right weather. To attack is to be on the crest of a wave. Only the one who attacks can skim the cream can hope for a successful future, while others will be content with “leftovers”, if they remain of course. If a passive device can give a short-term result, and it is very, very shaky, then the attack provides a situation in which there will be a long-term result, which is unlikely to be attempted by anyone.

Get active or lose

You can only attack when there is an attack system. The attack system is a marketing system, and an expansionist marketing system. The main characteristic of the expansionist system is to live not only in the present, but also in the future. Living in the future means seeing yourself in the future, creating plans for the future and ensuring their implementation.

At the same time, one of the main elements of the attack system is specialists who are engaged in creativity, because in order to live in the future, you need to create something that has never happened before. You need to create new products, you need to create new sales systems, you need to create new ways of advertising, all these are “ammunition” through which the attack is carried out.

Create ” ammunition” and apply it through marketing, actively apply it, because the market requires active application of marketing. The more activity in the market, the greater the results.In the modern world, the role of creative specialists and the “ammunition” they create is very great, because in fact, the struggle is just between the creatives, and the rest of the company just “shoots” the “ammunition”they created.

Active marketing as the future

We can safely predict that the future is for attacking marketing, the future is for active marketing, which includes noomarketing. In a world where competition is increasing, only attacking marketing, active marketing, can produce the desired results. At the same time, most likely, all those companies that use non-attacking marketing, passive marketing will eventually be forced to leave the market, because they simply will not have the resources to exist.

Passive marketing does not allow you to compete effectively, because effective competition is possible only through active actions. There will probably be no other way to get resources in the future, other than to launch an attack. For this reason, it is better to worry in advance about switching to attacking marketing, active marketing, otherwise you can already order seats in the “cemetery of companies”.