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merlotItaly does it. France does it. Spain does it. Even the United States does it. Produce wine that is. These are four largest producers of wine in the world. Many other countries produce wine, but these four produce the highest percentage of wine around the globe. What has made Istria a synonym for good wine? Man's hard work, naturally, but first of all natural features that guarantee high quality grapes. Those are position, soil, climate and relief, since each contributes to a certain extent to the charm of good wine. Hilly land with gentle slopes, which Istria abounds in, is ideal for wine-growing, especially slopes exposed to the sun, whereas the greater oscillation between day and night temperature contributes to the pronounced intensity of the future wine. Among the numerous varieties found in this area, the most important is the Istrian white Malvazija. It is found thoughout Istria, making it therefore an inseparable part of this region's identity. The wine has a pale gold colour, pleasing aroma of locust tree blossom, with a harmonious, delicate freshness and needed structure. Teran is typical of Istria just as well, a wine with an colour ranging from purple to ruby-red, of lively fruit aroma, pronouncedly fresh and less structured. A number of world-known high-quality varieties are also cultivated here like white Pinot, Chardonnay, grey Pinot, red Merlot, Refošk and Cabernet Sauvignon.