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Umag riviera

umag_istraUmag-Istra is the most comprehensive one-stop travel site on the Internet providing useful information about Umag and Umag Region. It covers 45 kilometers of coastline; from Kanegra to Lovrečica. You can browse through the offer of hotel and private accommodation, restaurants, boat excursions and other vacation reservations, including a vast array of links about Umag and other resources that travelers might find useful. This site is a work in progress. In order to improve this site, I need your opinions and feedback. Choose from one of the sections to learn more about Umag and its surroundings. Umag-Istra is also available in printed edition as "Umag tourist guide".

As an author and photographer I may say that creating a travel guide of the region you live in is a great challenge. It takes true knowledge and love for the homeland in order to help the visitor experience the same emotions. This travel site with its text and photographies will help you discover all you want to know about Umag Region. I welcome you to Umag and suggest you where to stay. After you have chosen a suitable accommodation it is time to visit our beaches and enjoy sports and local attractions. In section going out you'll find some tips for excellent dining and wine experience. If you wish to travel around in travel service section you'll find our local travel agents for your excursion trips. At the end if you get in love with Umag I invite you to buy a property and become our neighbour. Alen Rako


umagUmag is a little town with 13.000 inhabitants, located on the north-west coast of Istria. It is considered the entrance and the exit for Croatia to Europe. At a distance of only 40 kilometers from Trieste, 150 from Ljubljana - the capital of Slovenia and 50 NM from Venice, Umag is a favourite holiday destination. The northwestern coastal tourist area stretches from the Bay of Savudrija and tourist village Kanegra to Crveni Vrh and Savudrija, town with wide tourist offer. This area due to the vicinty  to leading European communications recently has been discovered as a real estate paradise. You can witness large investments in tourist infrastructure if you take a ride from Croatian - Slovenian border along the coast to the town of Umag. Situated between Savudrija and Umag is located Zambratija with beautiful sandy beach and couple of brand new family owned small hotels. From Zambratija to Umag are situated renowned hotel tourist villages Katoro, Stella maris and Punta. This is where you can find major Umag hotels and apartment villages with official rating of four stars. To the south of Umag lies the large and modern Camping Park Umag (ex Ladin Gaj). Along this coast with Lovrecica as a picturesque center, accommodation is offered in private houses. The hinterland of Umag reveals beautiful hills with fortifications that offer us magnificent scenery and marvellous history, abundance of autochthonous agricultural specialties and friendly hosts.

The old town of Umag is located on a small peninsula (which was once an island) on the north-western coast of Istria. It was built on the foundations of Roman archaeological ruins and it has preserved its network of narrow streets and a Medieval urban structure. Even the Romans proclaimed Umag for their seaside resort and connected it with the mainland. The new part of Umag stretches for the most part along the coast from Katoro to Novigrad, where its main tourist capacities are located. Apart from Umag, there are two more famous tourist destinations in this area - Savudrija with its oldest lighthouse on the Croatian Adriatic Sea from 1826 and Lovrecica as a peaceful oasis for family vacations. Umag is also the first nautical gate from Central Europe to Croatia, located in an attractive bay with one of the most prestigious ACI marinas awarded with one of eleven blue flags for the European standard of swimming-beaches, Umag as a tourist destination is particularly proud of. The tourist mini train connects Umag with Katoro where a Roman archaeological finds can be visited. In 1993 with the establishment of the new local rule Umag became an independent commune, and in 1997 was awarded the status of town. The town of Umag covers an area of 87,57 square kilometres. According to the latest census in 2001 it has a total of 13,064 inhabitants, with the population density of 154 inhabitants per square kilometre. The mild climate and the lush mediterranean vegetation, the enterprising spirit of the local people encouraged them to build the first hotels as early as the beginning of the 19th century and to found the first tourist association. In recent decades Umag has evolved into a modern tourist resort enriched with new facilities every year before the start of the tourist season. In winter, seemingly a quiet and desert place, in summer the town lives with its full life. The name of Umag has been renowned throught Europe and the whole world thanks to the top sports and cultural events, the most outstanding being the international tennis tournament Croatia Open..