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truffleIt was dicovered by ancient Romans, well-known gourmets, eighteen centuries ago, during the Austro-Hungarian rule it was the delicacy of the selected aristocracy, whereas today it is the ultimate gastronomic delight. That unusual and unattractive tuber. with a specific aroma and a much more specific taste for which it is said that you either love it or else hate it, is the unique "subterranean fungus" called truffle. The area rich in truffles is the gray Istrian soil, damp oak forest of Motovun along the Mirna river. Since it grows in the ground, specially trained hunting dogs are used to find it. These very dogs discovered the world's largest truffle, which with its weight of over a kilogram entered the Guinness Book of Records in 1999. The Istrian white truffle is one of the most highly-prized in the world today. Although it is offered and so enriches the Istrian gastro offer, for over decades it has been mostly sold on the "black market" at an unbelievable price of one thousand euros per kilogram. For this reason the Istrian truffle is exported to all countries of Europe, and very often it even "crosses" the Atlantic. In Istria it is used as seasoning, sprinkled on pasta or meat, or mixed into scrambled eggs (fritaja).