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Tours & Excursions

limski_kanalNorth of city of Rovinj, one of the most beatiful natural resources of the Istrian peninsula, Lim Bay, is located. Lim Bay is a part of the 35 km long Lim Valley, that stretches almost to the center of Istria, to the town of Pazin. The Bay itself is a little bit longer than 10 km, it is 30 meters deep and its widest part is around 600 meters wide. From both sides very steep mountains rise, in some parts even up to 100 meters. Free climbing lovers will find a suitable cliff on the northern side, where during the summer time fans of this extreme sport are doing daily climbing tour. Apart from seeing natural beauties of this place, we reccomend you to taste gastronomic delicacy from its fish farms (gilthead and sea bass) as well as localy grown oysters and mussels. The entire area is rich in marine flora and fauna. It is protected natural monument and often crowded with tourists who, apart from 










    enjoying food can spend a nice summer day on a boat tour of the Bay or maybe on a walk to Romuald's Cave. Large number of bones belonging to prehistoric animals were found in it. The cave itself is an interesting speleological attraction with cave decoration, bats and other animals.

Brijuni (island of Brijuni):
Brijuni is a group of islands that lies close to Istria's western coast. Its most beatiful part was proclaimed a national park in 1983. The islands are 6 km from Pula and are separated from the mainland by the Fažana channel through which boats from the Fažana harbor to Brijuni operates on a daily basis. The Brijuni archipelago consists of 2 larger islands, Veliki and Mali Brijun, as well as 13 smaller, well-intended islands that have been inhabited since prethistorical times. The islands are known for their mild climate and rich vegetation, while the National Park abounds with tree-lined walks, parks and gardens of tropical vegetation. The Brijuni Zoo is of the open type, meanings that animals can freely roam the island and there is also a safari park..
Baredine Cave:
Meet the mysterious game of nature that has been created for millennia, far from daylight and men's eye - visit the underground world of Baredine Cave. Situated in the very same pictoresque region, near the town of Porec..