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istrian_cuisineWhat is the Istrian cuisine? Does it mean dishes that the Istrian peasants used to eat on ancient times? Or, maybe, those dishes once prepared in patrician houses? All of these and a lot more, since the stormy Istrian history has left its traces in the cuisine, too. Different traditions have been entangled un Istrian national cuisine, which has its basis in the nature (aromatic spices, wild plants, vegetables, sea food), but it was influenced by Frankish and German rules, too, Serenissima, roman dishes, and certainly by the Slavic influence from the East. Fish, shellfish and mollusca used to make the basis of the coastal cuisine once. But today in Istria on the very coast, one can be offered sauerkraut, baked sausages and ombolo, as well as gnocchi haremeat, fuži with venison, macaroni with sausage sauce. Istrian smoked ham and sheep cheese is irreplacable, both dry-smoked by the mixture of alpine and mediterranean air and blessed by the bora from the Gulf of Trieste. Different sorts of minestre, jota and fritaja make the most distinctive flavors and fragrances of this area. And at the end of the feast the obligatory Istrian delicacies: pinca, fritule, kroštule... As the pinnacle of Istrian gastronomy, the truffle of Istria, his majesty, nobody knows whether it is food or spice! In the year 1999 the biggest and the heaviest truffle was found in Istria (1,31 kg) which has entered into the Guiness book of records. All of these can be easily found within reach in more that five hundred restaurants in Istria, many of wich can be found in the in the Bujština region close to Umag the famous Croatian tourist destination. So many quality restaurants, taverns, pizzerias, pastry-shops are no wonder, since the development of tourism half a century ago began with the development of restaurants. For hospitality's sake and to help you in this adventure of Istrian food and beverages, we have prepared this guide along with our good wine and good appetite!