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Real estate investments

skiperInvest in Croatia
Improve your quality of life while owning and enjoying an attractive investment. Croatia is expected to join the EU in 01.07.2013. and the government of the region of Istria plans to build 14 new golf courses to boost tourism. The prices of properties near the sea in Croatia will increase significantly. Croatia is a safe country so you can keep your handicap down while the value of your property goes up!

Istria - "Croatian Tuscany"
Istria is the peninsula on the west of Croatia. It is sometimes referred to as the "Croatian Tuscany" because its landscape, climate and atmosphere are similar to those in italian Tuscany. The sea is very clean with several blu flag beaches in Istria, suitable for swimming and water sports. Istria produces its own wines, has a lovely climate, is not densely populated and is very accessible with daily flights all year round to nearby airports with low cost airlines. More than two billion euros are planed to be invested in 18 different tourism related projects in Istria. Watch the value of your Istrian property rise as others discover too late that it will be within 15 km of several golf courses.

Umag / Savudrija - real estate paradise
The Croatian government has laws in place to protect the coast and number of new buildings near the sea will be limited. As a result it is expected to become increasingly difficult to get planning permission for property near the coast. Property by the coast in Umag area, less than 20 km away from nearby Slovenia is over twice as expensive per square meter than similar properties in the rest of the country. Of those 14 Istrian golf locations, seven are located in the Umag / Savudrija area. Many existing tourist capacities are being refurbished, which includes expansion and upgrade in quality. The new hotel complex recently opened in Umag area: "Kempinski Adriatic hotel and resort" and it is the most luxurious Croatian destination managed by hotel chain Kempinski.