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dining_outEvery season has its gastronomic blessings:

Spring is specific for the plain, yet exeptionally tasty and curative fruit - asparagus. The search for it sometimes sets off whole colonies of pickers who enyoj the walk through the beautiful Istrian groves and gather the mate-rial for the meal - usually the delicious "fritaja" - scrambled eggs with asparagus.

Summer is the time to enjoy the light Mediterranean specialties, most of all: fish, mussels, crabs, calamari and cuttlefish - just taken out from the sea and prepared in many imaginative ways with Mediterranean spices and olive oil...

Autumn is the most extraordinary season in Istria. It is the time of one of the most appreciated culinary delicacies, the aphrodisiac truffles, a tuber growing underground, which is worth more than pure gold. There are also numerous truffle festivities and culinary manifestations that take place in autumn.  

Winter brings another king of delicacies: soup to refresh the body and the mind, "ombolo" or loin roast and sausages with sauerkraut, dishes with venison, Istrian prosciutto in red wine. Evenings spent in taverns are exeptionally , with songs and talks by the fire in the fireplace. We invite you to come here and see it for yourselves. Visit Umag and give all your senses a treat!