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Casino_soleiGames of chance are probably as old as humanity itself. It is belived that they were popular all the way back in the ancient Chinese culture, yet China wasn′t the only country that contributed to their development. When some 3500 years ago wheel was invented in Babylon it probably
didn′t take long to develop the first, primitive roulette. Ancient Greek soldiers were famous for their love of dice games ...

During the course of history the popular casino games got more and more sophisticated throughout Europe. In the begining of the casino culture they were places for dancing, music and fun. In the second half of 19th century the word Casino is used for rooms intended for games. The word probably derives from Italian and means «a little house».

Casino is today an integral part of the lifestyle of the rich and famous, but also an intersting place for an adult to have fun. The type of guests varies from the regular and enthusiastic to the occasional ones who see it as good occasional fun. Umag is a destination famous for its long tradition of casinos. In the town centre and in the surroundings there are several casinos that in addition to it′s regular facilities (slot machines, poker, blackjack, roulette etc) offer big-time fun till the dawn, various performances, events and a whole range of restaurants with chosen specialties to their visitors.

Why not spice up your holiday a bit, experience something new and try your luck? The famouswriter Paolo Coelho says in one of his famous novels: «Luck is somethimes a blessing - but most of the time we have to win it». (UMAGazin, summer 2008. No.01)